"Geofert" LLC - a dynamically developing company. Our main business is the production of humic compound, bacterial, organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as the mining of unique, natural minerals.

In 2009-2010 a group of scientists from the Ltd GeoFert developed a new production technology for producing ecologically pure humic, organic-mineral fertilizer with microelements and bacterial, organic-mineral fertilizer based on natural zeolite.




Currently, the main criteria of agriculture systems are economic effectiveness, environmental safety,

  improvement of soil fertility. Growing high-yielding varieties require high doses of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, 

which leads to the depletion of soil fertility, reduce the quality of agricultural products and environmental pollution.

Mission of "GeoFert" LLC is to change of the world system  of adoption of technology,process control system

for the production of fertilizers, managing risks in different directions. For the rehabilitation

of soils contaminated by chemical fertilizers, pesticides and the introduction of new techniques

to increase fertility of soils.