The preparation “Georganic” is a concentrated blend of biologically active substances

The versatility of humic, fulvic and other organic acids (adsorption, catalyst, accumulative, and protective-transportation etc.), trace elements and ammonifying bacteria included in preparation gives the possibility of creating a united biochemical and microbiological processes in the soil and in plants, which allows the preparation “Georganic” to perform such functions as:


·         Adsorption of all kinds - performs neutralization of all chemically aggressive substances;

·         Accumulative - creates reserves of amino acids, carbohydrates, nutritional elements existing for a long time;

·         Transport - creates complex of organic mineral compounds with metals and minerals that actively migrate to the plant;

·         Regulatory - formulates the color of the soil and regulates mineral nutrition in the soil, cation exchange, buffering and redox processes;

·         Protective - by sorption of radionuclides, organic substances and toxic substances, prevents their penetration into the plant;

·         Physiological - stimulates the germination of seeds, activates the respiration of plants, etc.;

·         Catalyst - accelerates the processes of life, actively derives the growth and development of plants and increases the yield, in consequence of which we receive a bountiful harvest of different crops even during the hot summer;

·         Adaptogenic - increases the ability of plants to resist diseases, drought, freezing, high humidity, high doses of nitrogen salts in the soil;

·         Defence - has bactericidal and fungicidal properties, as existing ammonifying bacteria in it suppress the decay and pathogenic microflora of plants and soil, increases the resistance of plants to different diseases such as late blight, scab, viral diseases.


Based on the above mentioned functions, we can make a conclusion that the use of the preparation “Georganic” gives us the opportunity to avoid turnover of seeds, to obtain ecologically clean products with high gustatory and nutritional values in all soil and climatic conditions.





The preparation “Georganic” is a concentrated blend of biologically active substances, which are balanced by minerals and bacterial cultures. Active ingredients of the preparation “Georganic” are humic, fulvic and other organic acids, trace elements and bacteria, the cultivation of which occurs with strains of pure cultures of ammonifying bacteria. Each of selected culture of ammonifying bacteria is distinguished by its unique physicochemical and useful properties. They are the decomposers of biologically active substances and play an important role in the process of circulation of substances occurring in nature. The preparation “Georganic” has bactericidal and fungicidal properties, as existing ammonifying bacterias in it in the course of their life create bacterial mass, the soil to suppress the decay of plants and pathogenic microflora both in the open grounds and in glass-covered grounds, etc. In addition, these bacteria enhance the resistance of plants and soil against diseases such as buck eye rot, fusarium blight, rotting of any kind, clubroot of cabbage and other viral diseases.




Soil treatment by “Georganic” preparation:


·         Root feeding by “Georganic” preparation provides optimal growth and development of plants (that is, performs the role of a natural growth regulator), which leads to increase productivity and to reduce the time of ripening. Along with this, eliminates the spread of diseases causing decay of the soil and plants.

·         The preparation “Georganic” enhances plant nutrition. Organic acids contained in the preparation, together with the nitrogen and phosphorus create complex compounds that are easily assimilated by plant;

·         Organic acids of the preparation play an important role in the transportation of nutrients to the plant, since they represent complexing natural compounds. These organic acids contribute to the occurrence of chlorophyll, vitamin “C”, sugars, amino acids, enzymes, proteins and other important components. The preparation “Georganic” prevents the formation of nitrates, regulates metabolism of the plant. Selectively improves permeability of cell membranes for potassium ions, which increases not only the quantities but also the quality of the harvest;

·         The use of the preparation “Georganic” in the compound makes it possible to reduce the amount of included chemical poisons on 30-40%;

·         The preparation “Georganic” gives the best results, not only in rooting agricultural but also decorative cultures. The preparation can be used by both professional and amateur. The preparation speeds up the timing of adjustment of plants to new conditions and helps the development of root systems of plants.

·         The preparation “Georganic” is also effective for cultivation of houseplants: most houseplants have a positive perception of feeding the root by the specified preparation.

·         The preparation “Georganic” slows the movement of sand through the creation of humus horizon in the deep layers, as in the case of the plant root system deep spreading to stop sand movement, that gives the possibility of creating not only the time horizon, but also to improve plants stability and activity to the sand environment.



Soil treatment by “Georganic” preparation gives the opportunity to:


·         Restore soil structure through complexing abilities of organic acids, forming minerals that improve soil structure;

·         Improve the fertility of the soil and to reduce the negative balance of the humus: organic acids, trace elements and ammonifying bacteria included in the preparation destroy the pathogenic microflora and stimulate the growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, which in turn accelerates the purification and regeneration of soil, recycling of organic waste in the form absorbed by the root system of plants and promotes the accumulation of humus; Due to accumulative and transporting functions of organic acids the accumulation in soil of the main organic and mineral food elements occures, that is vital for normal development of microflora;

·         Carry out effective cleaning of contaminated reservoirs through neutralizing chemically aggressive substances, to accelerate the process of decomposition of organic substances, to improve the structure of water, thereby to contribute to the restoration of biocenosis of water;


·         Improve water quality. When immersed in water, complex of organic acids and ammonifying bacteria change the structure of water, water has the property of "frozen water" and thereby improves plant nutrition;

·         Increase drought tolerance and yield of agricultural plants. In conditions of high concentration of organic acids the volume of water and soil aeration increase occures, it improves the moisture capacity of the soil that promote plant development. Organic acids complex, minerals and ammonifying bacteria promotes the growth of root systems of plants to 1,7-2,5, that allows the roots to penetrate deeper into the soil and use moisture and as a result the plants need less watering.

·         Convert heavy metals into inert, difficultly digestable form to accelerate the elimination of corrosive chemicals and industrial toxic waste;

·         Reduce background radiation, contributing to increased ecological properties of the soil.

·         Return of degraded soils in agricultural use.





Based on the foregoing, we note that the organic substances in the soil are the primary nutritional elements for plants. Soil microorganisms decompose the humic substances, supply the plant with food elements in the form of minerals. Organic acids, trace elements and ammonifying bacteria included in “Georganic” significantly affect soil properties, plant development, improve the physicochemical and biological properties of the soil. Stimulate the growth and development of plants, inhibit toxic substances and radionuclides and as a result contribute to the receipt of ecologically pure bio products. “Georganic” with its unique properties can in the shortest time solve the issue of food supply and environmental security not only in a particular region and country, because the preparation can be used in all soil and climatic conditions for all soils and plants.