About us




"Geofert" LLC - a dynamically developing company. Our main business is the production of humic compound, bacterial, organic and mineral fertilizers, as well as the mining of unique, natural minerals.

In 2009-2010 a group of scientists from the Ltd GeoFert developed a new production technology for producing ecologically pure humic, organic-mineral fertilizer with microelements and bacterial, organic-mineral fertilizer based on natural zeolite.

Wide complex of scientific and technological investigations for development of this technology allowed us to offer the new generation of fertilizes to customers since 2014.

•    High quality process (non-ballast) humic fertilizer with microelements in the form of chelate. It has properties of a growth stimulant and an anti-stress agent and registered under the trademark "GeoHumate".

•    For increase of agricultural crop yield and getting ecologically clean production the bacterial, organic-mineral fertilizer “BACTOFERT”® is produced by us, which is get in consequence of biological influence of soil microorganisms and the products of their metabolism.

•    The unique natural mineral "ZEOLITE" for an unusually broad area of use: agriculture, animal husbandry and poultry farming, construction industry, medicine and environmental protection.

"GeoFert" LLC Today, is a team of professionals with a clear development strategy and an efficient business model, providing the company growth and broad prospects.

We are doing that was never done in the production of fertilizers, taking unique, effective solutions for each customer: the provision of quality products from natural raw materials, maintaining the ecological balance in nature, taking care of the safety and health of people.